Extra bases

Extra bases

• The Cubs were one of several teams to watch free agent Jorge Soler work out on Wednesday.

"We obviously scouted him extensively -- a lot of teams have -- and a lot of teams are involved," Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said. "We had a similar situation with [Yoenis] Cespedes this winter. It will be intriguing. We've done our work on him."

Cespedes eventually signed with the Athletics. Soler's agents have set a July 2 signing deadline for teams to submit bids for the Cuban outfielder.

"It's not surprising [a lot of teams are involved] -- he's really talented, and there is that July 2 uniqueness that adds to it," Hoyer said.

• Although the Cubs front office has been busy with the First-Year Player Draft, Hoyer said he's been in touch with teams regarding possible trades. With tight races in some of the divisions, such as the American League East, it's hard to tell who's a buyer.

"It's such a jumbled race now," Hoyer said. "It's hard to talk about a Wild Card now, because in both leagues there's a mass of teams hovering. I think that will shake out a little bit over the next six to eight weeks, and as it does, teams will be more active. I think now teams are in a wait-and-see mode to see how the next month or so works out. We'll be on the phones."

Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster is in the last year of his contract with the team and knows he could be dealt.

"I'll do what's best for the Chicago Cubs, and if that means they want to trade me to try and better the ballclub, then I have to listen to what they have to say," Dempster said. "I realize it's a possibility, but I'm really trying to be ready for Sunday. I'd be doing everybody in here and everybody who is a part of the organization a disservice if I wasn't just preparing to do my job. All the other stuff will work out how it works out."

Dempster does have a no-trade clause in his contract.