Konerko out following wrist procedure

Konerko out following wrist procedure

Konerko out following wrist procedure
CHICAGO -- Paul Konerko missed his second straight game following a Tuesday evening procedure to flush out a floating bone fragment in his left wrist.

Konerko, 36, underwent this same procedure last year at almost the same exact time of the season, and missed two games at that point also. But he was not bothered by the bone chip for the remainder of the 2011 campaign.

The chip itself was not flushed completely out of the wrist, but basically moved to a less painful spot, as Konerko tried to explain in detail before Wednesday's contest.

"When you bend your wrist, there's a joint there that hinges," Konerko said. "Somehow, when it hinges open, this thing slides in sometimes and we just get it out. It's not too far away from it, that's the thing; you can only move it. But it's just out.

"Last year, when we had it done, it was almost to the day. It was June 3 last year, and yesterday was June 5. It was good the rest of the year. It just hung out and never got in there again. That's what we're hoping here."

This procedure took place at Rush University Medical Center and took about 20 painful minutes, by Konerko's recollection. Although the wrist should be close to normal again, Konerko said there's a soreness price to pay over the next day or two from the needles being put in the joint so the fluid can be shot to flush out the chip.

When Konerko returned to U.S. Cellular Field on Tuesday night, he felt good and ready to play. Once the numbing agent in the wrist wore off, he knew that particular goal wasn't going to be fulfilled.

It was during Monday's off-day when the chip moved back into the joint, and when Konerko couldn't swing the bat normally during batting practice on Tuesday, he had to make the call to get it fixed. Konerko plans to get the chip surgically removed during the offseason "so we don't have this problem again," with it bothering him basically since 2008. For now, he's hoping to return on Thursday, and by Friday's series opener against Houston for sure.

"We felt pretty confident yesterday that it was out," said Konerko, who was replaced by Tyler Flowers at first base Wednesday. "We could see it, and I could feel that it wasn't restricting me anymore. But now all the soreness comes from going in there like that. It's just a matter of getting the soreness out."