Castro expected to be smarter on basepaths

Castro expected to be smarter on basepaths

Castro expected to be smarter on basepaths
SAN FRANCISCO -- Starlin Castro still has the green light to steal despite his baserunning gaffe Friday.

Castro was easily thrown out in the third when he tried to run with one out, a 2-0 count to No. 3 hitter Joe Mather and the Cubs trailing, 2-0. The shortstop said after Friday's game he thought Mather had fouled the ball off, which is why he slowed up going into second and didn't slide.

"I wasn't too happy about that one for many reasons," said Cubs manager Dale Sveum, who spoke to Castro in the dugout after the incident happened.

"It was a complete mistake to be running in the first place and then not to know what the guy did and thinking he fouled it off and didn't know he swung when you're two runs down -- what if he hit a line drive to the outfielder and you got doubled up?" Sveum said. "That's not acceptable. He knew that. Sometimes you have these brain [cramps] or whatever you want to call them.

"That's a time and a place in the game when your third hitter is up and you've got a 2-0 count and you're down by two runs, if you are running, you better be 100 percent sure you're going to be safe and you better know the ball is going to be hit," Sveum said. "He failed on all of the above."

But Castro, who is second on the Cubs with 15 stolen bases, still is free to run.

"He is a good basestealer," Sveum said.