Morgan happy to finally have his first RBI of '12

Morgan happy to finally have his first RBI of '12

Morgan happy to finally have his first RBI of '12
MILWAUKEE -- Nyjer Morgan didn't know he'd set a dubious Major League record by beginning the season with 138 plate appearances and zero RBIs. When informed, he actually took it pretty well.

"Every day, you've got a new chance to make history, so it's all good," Morgan said, breaking into a laugh.

  He could laugh because the second-year Brewers outfielder has been swinging the bat much better of late. Morgan entered Saturday on a modest four-game hitting streak, and has batted .342 in his last 13 games to boost his average 45 points.

  But until he hit his first-inning home run Friday night, he had zero RBIs. He broke a record held nearly 62 years by White Sox outfielder Herb Adams, who had no RBIs in his first 125 plate appearances in 1950.

  "It's a new experience in the game of baseball, going this long in baseball without getting a 'steak,'" Morgan said, using baseball parlance for an RBI. "It's basically a new learning curve for me. ... It was just a matter of time. I had to stay with my approach and keep swinging, keep plugging away. Eventually, the stars are going to line up."

  Manager Ron Roenicke was glad to see Morgan's RBI drought end.

  "Hopefully, he won't have to think about that anymore," Roenicke said. "Guys think about that. It's there. It's easy for me to say, 'Hey, don't worry about it,' but it's there. I'm sure it was on his mind."