Baxter likely out for six weeks after catch

Baxter likely out for six weeks after catch

Baxter likely out for six weeks after catch
NEW YORK -- Left fielder Mike Baxter was diagnosed with a displacement of his right collarbone next to his sternum and fractured rib cartilage, and he will likely be out six weeks. He met with doctors before Saturday's 5-0 win over the Cardinals at Citi Field, undergoing tests after he slammed into the wall making a no-hitter-saving catch Friday in the seventh inning.

"Today there's still some pain," Baxter said. "I'm kind of tight throughout my chest and back. Obviously where I hit the wall is tight. This morning we found out more about what's going on in the chest. Definitely a little painful, but it's unfortunate and we have to try and get better."

Baxter said he was experiencing discomfort from a left shoulder contusion in the clubhouse after Johan Santana completed the first no-hitter in Mets history on Friday. Baxter underwent an MRI, a CT scan and concussion tests, and there is no trace of a concussion.

The doctors watched film of the play to help determine the damage the wall induced. Baxter said he knew right away that something was wrong. The plan for Baxter is to rest. His injury needs to heal before further treatment can be determined.

"Very comparative to Jason [Bay's]," Baxter said of the injury. "Maybe a little different because of the actual thing that happened, but time frame-wise, our doctors were in agreement that it's kind of around that window."

Bay has been out since April 23 with a cracked rib.

When Baxter came off the field on Friday, trainers initially thought the injury was to his left arm because the left fielder had relayed information that the arm had gone numb. Doctors determined the numbness was a result of nerve damage in the arm, and all the structural damage is the right side of Baxter's body.

"It could be a lot worse, talking to the doctors," Baxter said. "From that aspect, we're a little bit lucky with the way it turned out. Unfortunately it's just going to take some time to heal now."