Lucroy has pin inserted into fractured hand

Lucroy has pin inserted into fractured hand

Lucroy has pin inserted into fractured hand
MILWAUKEE -- Catcher Jonathan Lucroy rejoined his Brewers teammates on Friday, a day after undergoing a 30-minute procedure to insert a pin into his fractured right hand.

Lucroy is already eager to get active again.

"We got it out of the way, and now what we have to do is let it heal up and get on a rehab schedule," Lucroy said. "It's like last year [when he fractured his right pinkie finger], the only thing I wasn't able to do is swing with my top hand, that's it. And throw, for a little bit. Obviously, this year I'm not going to be able to throw for a little bit longer."

Lucroy fractured the fifth metacarpal in his right hand. Surgeons inserted a pin that runs through the knuckle and down the pinkie finger.

As soon as doctors clear him, Lucroy intends to stand in the batter's box to track pitches, will catch bullpens and will do as much lower-body exercise as possible. The Brewers estimate he'll be sidelined six weeks.

"I couldn't imagine it being any longer than six," Lucroy said.

He again called the past few days "frustrating," though Lucroy, who said he was hurt when his wife, Sarah, moved a suitcase in their Los Angeles hotel room and it fell on his hand, was thankful for the fans who have expressed support. Sarah received some of what her husband earlier in the week referred to as "hate mail" via Facebook, but many more fans have been positive than negative, Lucroy said.

Asked if he wanted to respond to those who questioned his explanation of how he was hurt, Lucroy said, "I can't do anything about it. What am I going to do? It's over with and done with, and if they question it, I guess that's fine, that's their right. I really don't care. I have a broken hand. I'm the one who's suffering here. I'm the one that's having a hard time, no one else is besides the team."