Beat the Streak season leader sees run end

Beat the Streak season leader sees run end

Beat the Streak season leader sees run end
In 12 seasons of Beat the Streak play, only 24 streakers have reached the 41-game plateau.

Anthony Yun nearly became No. 25 on Friday night.

Because Yun Doubled Down on Friday's picks by selecting David Wright and Konerko, his streak -- 39 entering play on Friday -- was wiped out when Konerko was removed from Friday's 0-for-2 effort for a pinch-hitter in the eighth inning, even though Wright recorded a hit during Johan Santana's no-hitter against the Cardinals.

A Konerko hit plus eight more successful picks would have tied Yun for the all-time BTS record of 49 games. If he had hung on all the way to 57 games, the 2012 season leader would have become the first BTS player to best Joe DiMaggio's legendary hitting streak and claimed the $5.6 million BTS grand prize.

So how did the 31-year-old Blue Jays fan survive from May 6-31 without making an incorrect pick? With a few simple strategies.

An engineer from Toronto, Yun said he spent about 15 minutes each day analyzing whom to pick, selecting from players batting near .300 and considering on-base percentage, opposing pitcher and recent performance. Speedy contact hitters like Dustin Pedroia and Rafael Furcal ranked among his most reliable standbys. Yun made most of his picks via the Beat the Streak mobile app and occasionally took advice from the BTS Recommended Picks.

He also took full advantage of the new Double Down feature, which allows streakers to select two players on the same day. If both players get hits, your streak advances by two games. But if either player goes hitless -- as Konerko did Friday -- your streak drops back to zero. Between May 6 and May 31, Yun opted to Double Down 17 times and pushed his streak forward a total of 34 games in the process.

A first-year Beat the Streak player, Anthony said he's never won anything big before, but "that's OK because life is awesome even without winning anything big." He considers himself "just a simple guy, loving life every minute."

Want to build a streak like Anthony's? It only takes 15 seconds per day. Sign up for BTS and select a player who you think will get a hit during today's games. Pick correctly, and your streak advances by one. Pick incorrectly and you can start a new streak tomorrow. Become the first streaker to reach 57 games and you'll take him the $5.6 million grand prize.