No plans to put Pedroia on disabled list

No plans to put Pedroia on disabled list

No plans to put Pedroia on disabled list
BOSTON -- While the Red Sox wait to make a decision on the injured Dustin Pedroia, the club will continue to play shorthanded.

Pedroia has a torn adductor muscle in his right thumb and was out of the lineup for the third straight game on Thursday.

The Red Sox are down to two middle infielders in Mike Aviles and Nick Punto with Pedroia sidelined. Boston played with essentially a 24-man roster for the third time in as many games in Thursday's series finale with the Tigers.

"The swelling is down more and he's a little louder [about playing], but he's better, a little better," manager Bobby Valentine said. "I think he can play defense. He has that mold where he can swing the bat, but I'm not planning on that."

So as the Sox deliberate on whether or not to place Pedroia on the disabled list, will they continue to use a reduced roster during an upcoming three-game series with the Blue Jays that begins on Friday?

"Not necessarily. We're doing that day by day," Valentine said. "We have a plan, [but] we don't want to put the plan in until we need to. I suspect before the weekend is over there will be another infielder, but maybe not."

Will the Red Sox bring a Minor League infielder on the trip to Toronto as insurance?

"I don't think so. We don't have that plan," Valentine said.

Pedroia has not taken swings at Fenway Park since leaving Monday's game after five innings.

Punto is filling in for Pedroia, but he is just 1-for-8 in his last two games and hitting .128 with three RBIs in 27 games entering Thursday's contest.

"What I've seen is a lack of timing, and that's exactly what you should see," Valentine said. "The only way you really time this big league stuff is by doing it, and he hasn't done it very much. I expect the more pitches he sees the closer he's going to come to getting the timing he needs to make contact.

"Not a lot of options, a couple."