Before roof can close, rain cancels BP in Miami

Before roof can close, rain cancels BP in Miami

Before roof can close, rain cancels BP in Miami
MIAMI -- Having a roof guarantees prompt start times at Marlins Park. But on Wednesday afternoon, batting practice was washed out due to a heavy downpour.

The roof often remains open in the morning and day time to allow sunlight onto the grass.

At about 3 p.m. ET, with several players getting early work in, it started to rain. For a few minutes, it was light, but shortly after, there was a downpour. The tarp had been placed on the infield, but the roof took a while to close, and the ballpark was doused.

Water cascaded down the steps of the Marlins' dugout, located on the third-base side. The photographer well also was flooded.

Rain created a problem in the first level of the three-level press box. Eventually, the roof closed, and the field was fine for the start of the game.

Manager Ozzie Guillen made light of the fact there was no batting practice.

"Me and the coaches are the only ones here at 2 in the afternoon to throw batting practice," Guillen said. "We get tired and sweaty. It's tough. At least we take a break. That's all I can say."

Once the roof was closed, the grounds crew got the field in playing shape.

"It should be ready, I don't see why not," Guillen said. "That roof closed very slow, and that's the reason we cancelled batting practice. It should be ready to go for the game."

The roof is regularly left open to allow sunshine and rain for the grass. When there is a threat of rain, the roof usually closes immediately.