Worth noting

Worth noting

• Kinsler's home run on Sunday was his first in 28 games, going back to April 24 against the Yankees. It was the fourth-longest drought of his career.

Said Kinsler, "Yeah, it was nice. It wasn't that big of a home run or a really important home run. It's cool when they go over the fence. You can jog around the bases. That's a good feeling."

• Mike Napoli also hit a home run on Sunday, his first in 25 games. It was the longest drought in his career.

Said Napoli, "Can't really get frustrated when it's not going the right way, but I just need to stay on the path and make sure it'll work out. I feel like my swing's been rushed. I'm just trying to be on time and maximize me seeing the ball as long as possible."

• Kinsler on the Rangers' record-breaking attendance pace: "You really don't know what to say about it. There's people showing up every day. It's a great feeling to come to the ballpark, honestly, and see the amount of people that are showing up and supporting us. I know it's going to get hot this summer but I hope everyone continues to support us and continues to come out and watch us. We enjoy it. We love having the support."