Regular routine a good sign for Hudson

Regular routine a good sign for Hudson

Regular routine a good sign for Hudson
SAN FRANCISCO -- One day after throwing five innings in his first start since April 18, Daniel Hudson was going about his normal post-start routine.

And when you're coming off a stint on the disabled list for an impingement in your shoulder, normal is good.

"Just getting back into a routine," Hudson said. "I feel good. It feels normal and I'm trying to go about my business."

Hudson spent time this spring working on a slower breaking ball with more tilt to go along with his fastball, changeup and slider, which is tighter and faster than his new pitch.

Because his breaking ball last year was so hard, it did not vary in speed tremendously from his fastball, so it did not upset hitters' timing as much, and because it was on a similar plane to the fastball, it didn't require them to adjust their field of vision, either.

"I've been working hard at trying to bounce it on the plate with two strikes and kind of change eye levels because I've never really been able to do that with my hard breaking ball," Hudson said of the new pitch. "I think being able to show them something different will really help me out."

Hudson still uses the harder breaking pitch against hitters who tend to hack early in the count.