Sweeney set to return on Monday

Sweeney set to return on Monday

Sweeney set to return on Monday
BOSTON -- All signs point to outfielder Ryan Sweeney's activation on Monday from the seven-day disabled list.

"Hit, run, throw, field -- all baseball activities to get ready to see if he's going to be activated for tomorrow," manager Bobby Valentine said. "He's doing it as we speak."

Said Sweeney: "It's just getting that baseball feeling back now."

Sweeney is the first player the Red Sox have put on the seven-day DL instituted this season for concussions. The danger of such head injuries has been a hot-button topic, particularly in football, but it's applicable to the baseball world as well.

Sweeney was hurt making a game-saving dive in right-center in a 7-5 win over the Phillies eight days ago.

"I was concussed. I kind of liked it," Valentine said. "I didn't know you weren't supposed to like those things. It was kind of an 'oooh' type of thing. And I'm sure I had them in baseball.

"All the world of sport has understood you don't shake it off and get back in there. And they also understand that some people have dodged bullets by shaking it off and getting back in there. It's a serious situation that needs to be addressed properly. I think baseball and all of sports are trying to set the right example for kids and others."