D-backs pitchers excited by Montero's deal

D-backs pitchers excited by Montero's deal

D-backs pitchers excited by Montero's deal
PHOENIX -- Miguel Montero wasn't the only player in the D-backs clubhouse smiling when news broke that the catcher had landed a five-year contract extension.

"I think any time you've got a guy of his character and obviously his talent, you'd like to keep him around as long as possible," closer J.J. Putz said. "I'm not sure anybody was surprised that the deal eventually got done. I can speak for the other 11 pitchers in this room that he is leader of this team out there on the field."

Ace right-hander Ian Kennedy discussed the possible contract with Montero during the spring, when negotiations stalled and it didn't look like a deal would get done.

"I'm really happy it finally did," Kennedy said. "He's a really consistent catcher, hitter, his personality is always really consistent. Even if he's having a rough day, he's still trying to bring everybody else up. His personality is really nice to have in our clubhouse otherwise it would be pretty quiet."

Said fellow starter Daniel Hudson, "I think I can speak for everyone on the pitching staff that we're all pretty happy to have him here for the long run."

The pitchers not only appreciate the offense that Montero brings, but the way he handles the pitching staff.

"He has a true passion for the game, and he really cares about the pitchers," Putz said. "I'm not sure there's a price you can put on that, although his was a pretty good one."