Dyson sustains bruised hamstring in collision

Dyson sustains bruised hamstring in collision

Dyson sustains bruised hamstring in collision
BALTIMORE -- Royals center fielder Jarrod Dyson left Saturday's game after sustaining a right hamstring contusion during a collision with left fielder Alex Gordon while chasing a fly ball in the second inning.

Mitch Maier came on to pinch-hit for Dyson in the third, and after the Royals were retired, Gordon returned to his spot in left. Dyson is listed as day to day with the injury.

The Royals posted a 4-3 win to even the series against the Orioles.

Dyson said afterward that the injury was "not bad" and that he could play in Sunday's rubber game if needed, but manager Ned Yost said he'll likely keep Dyson on the bench in favor of Maier.

"[Dyson's] got a bit of a bruise, but I think he's going to be OK," Yost said. "It's not anything serious. He might be a little sore tomorrow, but I think he'll be available to play. We probably won't start him."

Baltimore's Xavier Avery lined a ball into the gap in left-center, where Dyson and Gordon converged. Dyson dove into Gordon's path to try to make the play, while Gordon remained on his feet and made the catch.

Gordon's momentum carried him into the prone Dyson, who appeared to take a blow to his legs as he undercut Gordon. It appeared that Gordon took the worst of the collision, as he nosedived to the turf. Both stayed down down for a few seconds before walking off the field, although Gordon said he was never truly hurt.

The consensus was that Gordon stepped on Dyson's hamstring. Gordon said he made a late call for the ball as Dyson dove into his path.

"I didn't see him, that's why I was laying on the ground for a while," Gordon said. "I caught it and all of a sudden it falls straight to the ground and I was like, 'Did that really just happen?' I wasn't hurt or anything because I knew I had the ball, so it was fine."

But whose fault was it?

"It doesn't matter, we caught the ball," Gordon joked.