Floyd not concerned about bumpy stretch

Floyd not concerned about bumpy stretch

Floyd not concerned about bumpy stretch
CHICAGO -- The last two starts for Gavin Floyd have ended in defeats, with less than flattering pitching lines to go with the setbacks. But they clearly haven't sapped his confidence.

When asked Thursday if he noticed a difference in his starts against the Angels and Tuesday against the Twins, in which he allowed a combined 16 runs on 18 hits in 9 2/3 innings, as opposed to his previous four when he was so good in allowing four runs over 28 2/3 innings, Floyd didn't miss a beat with the following answer.

"I'm still good," said Floyd with a smile but without a hint of joking.

Floyd feels as if he made decent pitches against the Twins, but it was partially a case of the ground balls he induced finding holes. Plunking No. 9 hitter Jamey Carroll with a one-out pitch in the fourth to start a five-run inning didn't exactly enhance Floyd's night, either.

"I was not very good with my command. I was rushing a little bit," Floyd said. "Consistency through the game wasn't there.

"There were a lot of things that went wrong, but it's part of the process of baseball. You try not to have those games, but no matter how much you try, they are going to happen. Hopefully, they don't happen often. It just happened to me two games in a row."

When Floyd next takes the mound on Sunday against the Indians, he doesn't feel as if wholesale changes are needed. It will take better command and possibly a little better luck.

"You do the same thing on a different day and get different results," Floyd said. "What's done is done, and you just have to move on from there and try to get better.

"It just stinks, but I'm no different than I was three games ago. You just keep grinding it out in a long baseball season. You keep having the same attack, aggressiveness, focus and trust, and just keep going after it."