Luebke wise to have opted for surgery

Luebke wise to have opted for surgery

Luebke wise to have opted for surgery
NEW YORK -- It turns out that pitcher Cory Luebke was wise to opt for surgery on his left elbow instead of trying to rest it and rehabilitate it.

That was the opinion of noted orthopedist Dr. Lewis Yocum, who performed surgery on Wednesday in Los Angeles to repair the ulnar collateral ligament in Luebke's left elbow.

"Dr. Yocum got back to our medical people and said once he got into the joint and looked at the ligament, that it was damaged," Padres manager Bud Black said Thursday. "He thought that Cory made the right decision."

Luebke had been weighing two options after landing on the disabled list after a start on April 27 against the Giants: have reconstructive surgery on the elbow, or rest it and rehabilitate it with a possible return to the mound sometime in August.

Luebke opted for surgery after consulting a host of people, including the Padres' medical staff and several players who have previously had the same surgery.

"We looked at rehab choices, but there was no chance of me making a start until mid-August," Luebke said on Monday. "After talking to some of the doctors and people who have been through it, we knew the ligament wasn't going to heal itself.

"It was going to be a battle to pitch through, and that was something I didn't want to go through."