Rios frustrated by power outage

Rios frustrated by power outage

Rios frustrated by power outage
CHICAGO -- Alex Rios has been suffering through a season-long power outage, and even with a two-run homer coming in the fourth inning of Wednesday's 6-0 win over the Twins, that lack of extra-base production has become a bit frustrating for the White Sox right fielder.

"I'm not driving the ball the way I wanted, and I couldn't tell you why that's not happening," Rios said. "I've been concerned a little bit about my home runs and extra base hits.

"It's something I would like to improve. I'm not a big home run guy, but I can hit plenty of doubles in years before. Hopefully I get it sooner than later."

Rios has 120 career home runs, 258 doubles and 44 triples over parts of nine seasons. But in 2012, Rios has just two homers and six doubles, although he does lead the team with three triples.

After 2011's debacle, where Rios batted .227 with 13 homers and 22 doubles, the right-handed hitting Rios came into this past Spring Training focused on taking more pitches up the middle or to the opposite field. But Rios is a natural pull hitter, and could return more to that approach in order to pick up the extra-base pace.

"The reason I started looking to hit the ball the other way was to stay more closed with my stance," Rios said. "I'm a guy that usually, I open up a lot with my shoulders and my upper body. I was just trying to stay away from that. It helped me a little bit, but not in a way I really wanted.

"Like I said, I want to drive the ball. It's not that I don't like hits. I just like to run the bases a lot."

There have just been two seasons where Rios topped 20 homers, including 2010 with the White Sox. So, he's not looking to put up Adam Dunn or Paul Konerko numbers.

Knocking out somewhere around 20 homers, with 30 doubles and 80 RBIs would be ideal for a middle of the order hitter.

"Those are the numbers I would feel comfortable with," Rios said. "I know I'm not going to hit probably 30, 40 or 50 homers. But if I can hit doubles and a couple of triples here and there, and a few more homers, that's the kind of game I would enjoy the most."

Rios started down that path in his second at-bat Wednesday night, when he cranked a two-run homer to left field.