Cardinals get $9.1 million to spend on picks

Cardinals get $9.1 million to spend on picks

ST. LOUIS -- As determined through a formula set in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Cardinals will have $9.1311 million to spend on their first 14 picks of the 2012 First-Year Player Draft, which begins on June 4.

Those 14 picks are spread out over the first 10 rounds of the 40-round amateur Draft. The Signing Bonus Pool, which is a new Draft constraint, is calculated in advance to allow teams to know how much money they can cumulatively allocate toward signing bonuses for Draft picks without being penalized.

Players selected after the 10th round do not count against this Signing Bonus Pool unless they receive a bonus of more than $100,000.

The Cardinals will make two first-round selections and another three during the sandwich round, which occurs between the first and second round. Each of those picks, as well as all others through the first 10 rounds, have been assigned a value. Those values, when summed, equal the team's Signing Bonus Pool.

The Cardinals' first pick will come at No. 19 overall and has been given a value of $1.9 million. The team will also chose 23rd ($1.775 million), 36th ($1.4304 million), 53rd ($969,700) and 59th ($870,600) on the first day of the three-day Draft. Clubs do not have to stick to those figures with each individual pick. It is the sum of all the picks that is the important figure.

The Cardinals' pool of $9.1311 million is the fourth-largest in baseball this year, which is the result of the club having so many compensatory picks. St. Louis received two compensation picks for losing Albert Pujols and one each for Edwin Jackson and Octavio Dotel leaving as free agents.