White Sox launch "Take a Stand Against Bullying" campaign

The Chicago White Sox launched an anti-bullying campaign, helping kids discourage, prevent and report all forms of bullying, including name-calling, exclusion, humiliation and violence.  
White Sox infielder Brent Lillibridge will visit McClellan Elementary School at 3527 S. Wallace St. in Chicago tomorrow (Thursday, May 24) to help promote the team's "Take a Stand Against Bullying" campaign.  Lillibridge will join the McClellan students as they watch a public service announcement about taking a stand against bullying created by the White Sox.  He also will participate in a discussion on the issue and take a pledge with the students - vowing to do their part to eliminate bullying.
"This is a pressing issue for too many children and families," said Christine O'Reilly, White Sox senior director of community relations.  "The White Sox want to help educate kids on steps they can take to ensure their safety and that of their fellow classmates."
The White Sox will distribute information on the campaign through the White Sox Kids Club throughout the 2012 season.  
More information about the campaign and the PSA can be viewed at whitesox.com/stopbullying.