Adrian unlikely to start in right field at Fenway

Adrian unlikely to start in right field at Fenway

Adrian unlikely to start in right field at Fenway
BALTIMORE -- Even with a day game after a night game, manager Bobby Valentine had no hesitation about playing Adrian Gonzalez in right field for the second consecutive day, and fourth time in the past five games.

And unlike on Tuesday, when Gonzalez didn't have anything hit to him, he got some action in this one and made all the plays.

In the fourth, Gonzalez made a fine running catch in the corner -- in foul territory -- against Chris Davis.

"Totally impressed," Valentine said. "He had to stride to the wall, and he knew to roll. He backhanded it, had one stride to stop and roll to cushion his contact."

Gonzalez takes pride in being able to help the team, even when playing a different position.

"I had time to slow down," Gonzalez said. "When you've got to slow down, I had time to guard myself a little bit and I kind of spun into the wall, so I didn't have to go head on."

The real question is what will happen when the Red Sox return home on Friday night for the start of a seven-game homestand. Gonzalez has never played right field in Fenway, which is notorious for having a ton of ground to cover.

"I don't know what's going to happen," Gonzalez said.

Playing left field at Fenway doesn't sound like an option for Gonzalez, mainly because he has no experience reading the ball off the bat in left.

"I don't think so. I don't know," Valentine said. "I mean, there has been some thought. There might be continuing conversation. For the most part, when you're on one side of the diamond and you see the ball off the bat, and get your reaction and then try to change that perspective, it becomes more challenging from what I've experienced -- not only personally, but talking to players. I've even seen the infield transition difficult for some guys."

With Gonzalez in right, Kevin Youkilis once again got the start at first, with Will Middlebrooks remaining at third.