Perez ready to move on from comments

Perez ready to move on from comments

Perez ready to move on from comments
CLEVELAND -- Indians closer Chris Perez believes it is time to turn the spotlight away from him and back on the first-place Tribe. Perez made a stir over the weekend with some controversial comments about being booed at home and Cleveland's attendance figures, but the pitcher wants to move on.

Perez did note that many fans have reacted positively to his complaints.

"I got it off my chest and now it's back to playing baseball," Perez told reporters on Tuesday afternoon. "We need to get on a roll. We have a big week this week with the Tigers and the White Sox. It really doesn't matter unless we win. [The reaction has] all been positive. I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [on Monday]. I had a couple of people come and shake my hand.

"I have a couple of cards sitting up there [in my locker] that are from season-ticket holders who wanted to shake my hand and say, 'Thank you. You said what has been on our chest for a couple of years now.' I think it has been overall positive. Negative or positive, the town is talking Tribe, which is a good thing this time of year."

Perez also wanted to make it clear that, while he might not be entirely content in Cleveland, he is motivated to help bring a championship to the city.

"I don't want out," Perez said. "I'm unhappy. That doesn't mean I want out. You're allowed to be unhappy in your work situation. There's an old saying in baseball: 'If you don't like it, play better.' It doesn't matter anything about your situation. If you don't like it, play better and everything will take care of itself. That's my viewpoint.

"I'm not going anywhere as long as I keep getting saves. The team isn't going to trade me as long as I'm getting saves. If I really wanted out, I'd start tanking on the field, be injured, be a bad teammate, not talk to you guys ... not sign autographs. I don't want out. I want to win. I'm here. My friends are here.

"Do I want to get traded midway through the season and try to meet 30 new guys again and get thrust into that? No, I've already been through that when I got traded here. I like it here. I'm comfortable here. I'm not out. I'm in. I'm here."