KC bench coach benefiting catching duo

KC bench coach benefiting catching duo

KC bench coach benefiting catching duo
NEW YORK -- Brayan Pena credits bench coach Chino Cadahia for making a big difference in the uptick in throwing efficiency for the Royals' two catchers, Pena and Humberto Quintero.

"We've both improved a lot with Chino; he's always been hard on us as catchers, but it's a good hard," Pena said.

The catching duo threw out just two of their first 18 would-be basestealers, but going into the Royals' series at Yankee Stadium, they had caught 11 of the last 24. That included a 7-for-12 showing by Quintero.

Cadahia, who became the Royals' bench coach this year, was also hired for his ability to teach catchers. Pena also cited pitching coach Dave Eiland and bullpen coach Steve Foster for improving Royals pitchers' ability to thwart would-be thieves.

"They're making sure they hold the runner, making sure they throw over a lot and making sure they're faster to home plate," Pena said.

Quintero said he's also been helped recently because his sore back and hip have healed, enabling him to throw unimpeded.

"I think my hip and my back were bothering me, but now I'm feeling 100 percent," Quintero said.