Peanut-free zones at Safeco

Peanut-free zones at Safeco

SEATTLE -- Eating peanuts at the ballpark is something of an American tradition, but for those with severe peanut allergies, that baseball custom can keep them out of the stadium altogether.

The Mariners are taking this situation into account for two remaining games in the 2008 season by designating two specific "peanut-controlled" seating sections for both the Aug. 5 game against the Twins and the Sept. 9 game against the Rangers.

Sections 311 and 312 in the right-field upper seating area will be cleaned thoroughly before each of the games. Signs will also be posted nearby to alert fans of a ban on all peanut products in those two sections. No peanuts or foods containing peanut products will be sold at nearby concession stands to ensure the safety of those in the section. People who buy tickets in those sections must agree to obey the peanut ban.

An estimated 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies, and 100-200 people die each year as a result.

Tickets for these sections cost $10 apiece and can be found at

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