Ryan feeling good about simplified swing

Ryan feeling good about simplified swing

Ryan feeling good about simplified swing
DENVER -- Count Brendan Ryan among the Mariners who have seen their fortunes improve at Coors Field. After struggling at the plate, the shortstop saw his average climb 12 points Saturday with a pair of hits and two runs.

"That [fourth-inning] triple was big for us," manager Eric Wedge said of Ryan. "A ball hit the other way. ... He looks like he's in a better position to hit and give himself more of a chance up there."

For Ryan, a key has been to keep himself from the endless tinkering with his stance and swing and get back to the feeling he remembers from 2009.

"It's the first time in a while I've felt good in the box, regardless of getting a couple hits," Ryan said. "I'd gone to some pregame work that I'd used [in the past]. I thought about '09 and what I was doing then. I went through the day like it was a 2009 game."

Ryan has experimented with squatting in his stance, and has had a toe tap that he has put in and taken out, often finding that getting the timing right against a variety of windups can turn his toe tap into more of a stutter step.

"It's amazing how one thing can get out of whack and it completely ruins the chain of everything leading up to the attempt at the pitch," Ryan said. "If your foot's not down and you're not ready, then your hands will never get loaded. Then there's a domino [effect].

"You watch these good hitters and it's like they have cinder blocks for feet, how heavy they seem in the box. That means their eyes are going to work that much better. I felt like I saw the ball better [Saturday]."

Ryan seems to have heeded Wedge's advice to simplify his approach at the plate, taking a cue from teammate Kyle Seager, who is hitting .292 from the cleanup spot.

"I watch Kyle on deck and watch his swings during the game," Ryan said. "What's more simple than that? He's so simple, and it's showing. I've had a lot of sleepless nights so far in the season, but hopefully we're on the way up."