Scott hoping to try playing in the field

Scott hoping to try playing in the field

Scott hoping to try playing in the field
ST. PETERSBURG -- The Rays will play their first Interleague road game on June 8 in Miami, which means Luke Scott can't be used as the team's designated hitter, since the DH will not be in effect in the National League ballpark.

Scott, who had right shoulder surgery last season, has not played in the field this year. Will his throwing be advanced enough by then to make him available for duty in the field?

"I don't have any exact dates yet," Scott said. "I will probably find out here, this series coming up with Toronto. So I'll probably go through some little tests in the outfield to see where I'm at."

When pressed about whether he believes he'll be on the field during Interleague Play, Scott replied, "I think so, yeah."

To that end, he has been taking balls at first base and he plans to get a little busier in the outfield, working on his footwork and taking fly balls. He has not yet cut loose throwing a ball, but his throwing is drastically improved since Spring Training, when he basically just lobbed any balls he threw.

While Scott is hopeful about getting on the field during the Interleague competition, he doesn't feel his healing will be complete until the offseason, noting that healing takes time when done properly.

"When I really see jumps is when I have that time off during the offseason and I can hit it hard again and put my weight back on," Scott said.

Scott is a player who loves to go all out all the time, so this season has presented him a strange obstacle in having to nurse his right shoulder and his left hamstring.

"It's been a tough balance for me, it really has," Scott said. "I'm having to deal with not being my usual self -- and just having to tone it down when I need to tone it down. Not going all out when it's not needed, it's difficult to do that, because I'm used to playing hard ... the whole time and I'm used to being stronger than what I am right now."