Adrian, Papi both in lineup; Sweeney, Ross sit

Adrian, Papi both in lineup; Sweeney, Ross sit

Adrian, Papi both in lineup; Sweeney, Ross sit
PHILADELPHIA -- The way the Red Sox outfield's health situation has gone, the team is fortunate to have Adrian Gonzalez capable enough to play right field two consecutive days.

"I appreciate it a thousand percent," manager Bobby Valentine said. "And David [Ortiz] putting the glove on to go play first base, neither of them signed up for that, obviously. But they're willing to do whatever it takes and I appreciate it. I've said before, Adrian is, you know, always in the game, he's thinking of anything and everything that he can do and we can do to be as good as we can be, so his attitude is really appreciated."

Gonzalez started in right and Ortiz at first base again on Sunday, with Daniel Nava in left and Marlon Byrd in center. Ryan Sweeney was tested for a concussion after Saturday's 7-5 win over the Phillies, after he felt whiplash from a game-saving dive in right-center in the seventh inning.

"I'm doing all right," Sweeney said. "Yeah, I mean, did a concussion test and all that stuff, I don't know. I think it's OK. It's just my neck and stuff ... I was just out of it a little bit [Saturday] night. Yeah, I mean my neck's just a little sore today."

Asked if he would go the disabled list, Sweeney said "No, I'll be all right."

Valentine said he was being cautious with the concussion possibility. Needing some help in the meantime, the Sox optioned Mauro Gomez to Triple-A Pawtucket and recalled outfielder Che-Hsuan Lin, who was active for Sunday's game. Valentine didn't look at Gomez as a solid option in the outfield. Lin has hit .256 in 36 games with Pawtucket.

"I guess they have a test now that he says he couldn't pass before he dove for the ball," Valentine said of Sweeney. "But I guess they ask you to do things and recite the months of the year backwards. And that's a tough one. Things like that, and so he didn't do that well [Saturday] night, he said he felt much better today, his neck. He's in the training room with a kind of whiplash situation on his neck, which I don't think would prevent him from playing some."

The Red Sox did receive good news Sunday morning, with Cody Ross' left foot feeling much better after he fouled a ball off the foot Friday. He's not going to need a trip to the DL, Valentine said, and Ross said he could be ready for the Baltimore series that starts Monday. Pinch-hitting on Sunday might be too much to ask, though.

"I woke up this morning, I felt way better," Ross said. "I feel good ... Like 10 times better."

Down the pipe, Darnell McDonald (strained right oblique) and Jacoby Ellsbury (partially dislocated right shoulder) are both on the mend, with the former closer than the latter. McDonald indicated the injury had not fully disappeared yet, but said his rehab was going well and the trick was to get the inflammation down. He's taken anti-inflammatories.

"Darnell, talking to him [Saturday], he says he feels real good, he's initiating strength phase today," Valentine said. "And he's OK to perform light field work, including batting practice."

As for Ellsbury, Valentine said he's almost getting too strong, but has not started to swing and there's no timetable for a return. Ellsbury, like McDonald, is with the team in Philadelphia.

"I don't know if I can give you a timetable, he said he was feeling really good, he was doing a lot of weightlifting work and they thought he was even getting too strong," Valentine said of Ellsbury. "That he should take a little step back. He's progressing and started the strengthening phase of returning to play. He says his legs are really good, says he's not going to have to worry about getting them in shape, he's done everything possible to do the leg work and ab work and now it's just -- and his range of motion is good -- now it's strength which will lead to somewhere down the road, baseball activity."