Trout, Bourjos provide explosive 1-2 punch

Trout, Bourjos provide explosive 1-2 punch

SAN DIEGO -- The top two spots of the Angels' batting order on Saturday represented one of the fastest possible combinations in baseball.

Leading off was Mike Trout, who was clocked at 3.53 seconds from home to first on a bunt single earlier this year.

Batting second was Peter Bourjos, who previously rounded the bases on an inside-the-park homer in 14 seconds.

"It's exciting," Bourjos said of hitting behind Trout. "If he gets on, the options are endless."

Saturday marked only the second time Trout and Bourjos have made up the top two spots in the Angels' lineup -- it also happened Sept. 27, 2011 -- and just the fourth time they've been in the same batting order this season.

It took the perfect storm for the pairing to take place -- spacious Petco Park, lefty on the mound, Torii Hunter still gone, Vernon Wells getting a day off, Alberto Callaspo batting sixth to provide more depth -- and it seems like more of an anomaly than the start of any trend.

Trout, who reached base four times Friday and is batting .413 over his last 12 games, will continue to hit leadoff. But Bourjos' starts have been very spread out since Trout's April 28 callup, with Wells continuing to play every day in left field, and manager Mike Scioscia indicated that he generally wants more on-base percentage from the No. 2 spot than he believes Bourjos is currently able to provide.

"I think as Peter grows as a player," Scioscia added, "like we're seeing Mark Trumbo grow, and on-base becomes a part of what he's about, there's no doubt that Peter's speed plays [in the Nos. 1 or 2 spot] big time."

Before any of that progress takes place, though, Bourjos simply has to play regularly. And for the last three weeks, that hasn't been the case.