Scioscia hopeful Torii will return by May 27

Scioscia hopeful Torii will return by May 27

Scioscia hopeful Torii will return by May 27
SAN DIEGO -- It's been almost a full week since Torii Hunter left the Angels to deal with a sexual-assault charge filed against his 17-year-old son in Texas, but manager Mike Scioscia said Saturday that he thinks they're "moving toward" having Hunter join them at some point in this 10-game road trip, which ends May 27 in Seattle.

"I don't want to comment on specifics, but hopefully he'll start to feel comfortable enough in that situation to come back here and play baseball," Scioscia said. "Hopefully it'll be some time on this road trip, but we're still just letting Torii take care of the matter."

Scioscia wouldn't go into detail on whether that was his assumption or something Hunter told him, but said it's "tough to put a date" on when exactly Hunter would be back.

Hunter was placed on the restricted list by the Angels on Monday, when his son, Darius McClinton-Hunter, was one of two legal adults who -- along with two juveniles -- were arrested in Prosper, Texas, for the alleged sexual assault of a child, which would apply to anyone 16 years old or younger and is considered a second-degree felony.

In a conference call on Thursday, one of the family's lawyers, Todd Shapiro, said he has audio and written statements from the girl who originally filed the charges against McClinton-Hunter, in which Shapiro claims she "recanted everything that she told police" in a Wednesday-night phone conversation with a "close family friend" of the Hunters, and wants all charges dropped against Hunter's son.

Shapiro added that Hunter will be away from the Angels "until this matter reaches a point where it's either resolved or at least under control." When Hunter does return, he may need some time to get back into a rhythm.

"We're going to assess where he is," Scioscia said. "He has been trying to do some work to try to stay where he is."