Bronchial ailment keeps Teixeira out of lineup

Bronchial ailment keeps Teixeira out of lineup

Bronchial ailment keeps Teixeira out of lineup
NEW YORK -- Believing they have exhausted all available treatment options to this point, the Yankees are hopeful that a weekend of rest will be able to cure what ails Mark Teixeira.

The Yankees' first baseman has been battling a bronchial ailment since the club's Welcome Home Dinner in early April. He was out of the lineup for a second consecutive day on Saturday and could sit again on Sunday.

"It's not easy, but you have to sometimes take care of yourself and try to get better because it's a long season," said Teixeira, whose voice is now hoarse from extended coughing fits. "I want to make sure that I'm good for the long run."

Yankees manager Joe Girardi told Teixeira after Thursday's game in Toronto that he was thinking about having the switch-hitter on the bench for New York's series against the Reds.

Teixeira initially resisted, but Nick Swisher started at first base in Teixeira's place on Friday and Saturday. Eric Chavez could start at first base on Sunday, with Swisher returning to right field.

"Tex is a ballplayer and wants to play every day," Girardi said. "But I just said, 'You know what, Tex? Watching what you're going through, I just don't think a day is enough. Let's try something else.'

"And if we can't get rid of it with two or three days off, we'll know that the rest isn't necessarily going to help it, and we'll have to find some other way."

The Yankees have sent Teixeira to a number of specialists for treatment, and while the administered medication has succeeded in keeping Teixeira's ailment from getting worse, his condition has also not improved markedly.

"We've tried everything," Teixeira said. "That's why rest is like the last effort here. I've taken more medicine than I'd like to. I think we're done with that option. Rest is kind of the final straw here for us."

Teixeira said that he watched Friday's game from the bench and planned to do so again on Saturday, and he added that he did not expect to be available to pinch-hit. Girardi said that he preferred to have Teixeira report to Yankee Stadium rather than having him stay at home.

"You could do that, but you do have emergencies when you might need him," Girardi said. "And sometimes -- to put this in a nice way -- when you have young kids, you get more rest at the ballpark."