Marlins respond to Wood's retirement

Marlins respond to Wood's retirement

Marlins respond to Wood's retirement
CLEVELAND -- Before taking the field on Friday night, a number of Marlins were watching the White Sox-Cubs Interleague game on television.

Paying close attention was Miami manager Ozzie Guillen, who formerly managed the White Sox.

The game marked Kerry Wood's final appearance. The Cubs right-hander is retiring.

"It surprised me that he did it in the middle of the season," Guillen said. "Tremendous man. Great human being. Great pitcher. Very touching moment out there. I was watching the game. Very classy people in Chicago, giving him a standing ovation. They appreciate what he did for the Cubs, and baseball, period. He's a class act.

"Good players retire. I always say that. Ozzie Guillen got released. That's the way to retire. I hate when players don't play for three months or three years and all of sudden they come out of retirement. No, you retired three years ago. Why you retire now?"

Marlins outfielder Austin Kearns was a teammate of Wood in Cleveland. And the two were traded one day apart from each other from the Indians to the Yankees.

"He wasn't fun to face," Kearns said. "He was, stuff-wise, as good as it gets. And effectively wild too. He was as good as it gets when you talk about stuff."