Leyland frustrated by rocky start

Leyland frustrated by rocky start

Leyland frustrated by rocky start
DETROIT -- Tigers manager Jim Leyland isn't going to yell and scream at his players to show frustration over their start. If fans want to be frustrated, though, he completely understands it.

"We have to take that," Leyland said. "We have it coming right now. You'd better have broad shoulders. Does anybody like it? No. But do we expect it? Yes, I expect it. We got it last year, and we turned it around and that changed it.

"It's one of those things basically that if things don't get better, it heats up even more, but if you start winning games and you get back into that, people start feeling good again about the Tigers, and that changes as well. I've been around long enough to know how that works. That's part of this business."

Leyland added, "I'm a grown man, and I'm a realist, and I think that if you've seen me over the six years that I've been here, I get a little snippy once in a while when I think that people are unfair. They're not being unfair right now. I can take it. I'm a man. We have to take it. We're not performing well. We haven't performed well."

He understands the emotions involved, because he's gone through some of them. But as a manager, he said, the most important way to approach struggles is to "stay the course," as he put it.

"Oh, I'm ticked off, believe me," he said. "I've been ticked off a few times this year. But I can tell you this: It's changed. The yelling and screaming and throwing stuff like I did 20 years ago, that doesn't work anymore. Forget it. It's a whole different society, whether it's your kid, my kid, ballplayers, whatever, that doesn't work anymore.

"You talk sensibly and you make your points, and you get firm when you make your points, normally in a private conversation. But that doesn't work anymore, all that rah-rah stuff and throwing stuff, that doesn't affect guys at all. That doesn't help anybody hit a slider. That doesn't help anybody throw one over the plate. So you grind your butt off."