Adrian's homer prediction comes up short

Adrian's homer prediction comes up short

Adrian's homer prediction comes up short
ST. PETERSBURG -- First baseman Adrian Gonzalez told reporters after Wednesday's loss that he would break his prolonged home-run drought on Thursday night.

He responded by hitting a towering blast down the right-field line in his first at-bat that easily cleared the fence. The only problem? It was a foul ball.

"Just out in front, just a hair," Gonzalez said. "Hanging changeup, I think. Just back it up a little more. That was a good swing."

The Red Sox won the game, 5-3. Gonzalez, meanwhile, has gone 106 at-bats and a full month since his last home run.

"It just went foul, you know? We won the game," said Gonzalez. "I hit the one. I never said it was going to be fair or foul. It went over the fence. It was a home run, and we won the game."

In the first inning, Rays lefty Matt Moore took the bat out of Gonzalez's hands by drilling him with a pitch.

Was there a purpose to it? Perhaps the Rays were put off by Gonzalez predicting he would hit a home run?

"If it was, it was the stupidest thing I've ever seen in baseball," said manager Bobby Valentine. "But it might have been. I doubt it. ... If we have to resort to that kind of stupidity, maybe the game has passed me by."

Gonzalez didn't seem worked up about it, and the Red Sox later scored a run in that first inning.

"I think he's trying to pitch inside. I don't think he'd want to load the bases in that situation," Gonzalez said. "If he did, thank you, because we won the game. You never know what could have happened. Like Bobby said, if that was their intent, 'Hey, keep doing it.' It didn't hurt."

The Red Sox head to Philadelphia for a three-game series that starts Friday night. Does Gonzalez have any more predictions?

"From now on, I'm going to try to let it go. I don't care. I'm going to go up there and see what happens," Gonzalez said.