Garza turns attention to bunt defense

Garza turns attention to bunt defense

Garza turns attention to bunt defense
CHICAGO -- Matt Garza's defensive play can be an adventure sometimes, but on Thursday he was participating in the Cubs' bunting drills and working on his fielding.

"That's all it is is getting my athletic legs back under me," said Garza, who bounced his throws to first base after fielding two of Juan Pierre's bunts on Wednesday.

If opposing teams want to continue to bunt against the Cubs right-hander, he's ready.

"If that's the game plan to go against me, we'll have a lot of fun and a lot of quick games," Garza said. "I'm just trying to get everything better, get everything right, hitting, bunting, everything. I want to be an all-around ballplayer. I don't want to be stuck."

He said he became a one dimensional pitcher in the American League, focusing only on pitching.

"People didn't bunt as much," he said of his days with the Twins and Rays. "It was the AL East, it was, 'See how far they hit the ball,' and as a pitcher, your job was see how far they couldn't hit the ball."

Cubs manager Dale Sveum was pleased at Thursday's early work.

"He did a great job," Sveum said. "It was awesome."