LaRoche: 'I would love to stay' with Nats

LaRoche: 'I would love to stay' with Nats

LaRoche: 'I would love to stay' with Nats
WASHINGTON -- Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche made it known after Wednesday's 7-4 victory over the Pirates that he would like to stay with the Nationals beyond this season.

LaRoche and the club have a mutual option for the 2013 season, worth $10 million, but have not discussed picking it up, according to LaRoche.

"I wouldn't mind if those talks came up," LaRoche said about the option. "I would love to stay here. Even when I was hurt last year, I could see that things that were happening here. I love the way the guys are treated here, I love the ownership, our staff.

"I told my wife that I would love to play here as long as possible. I like the situation. Whether it happens this year for us or not -- as far as playoff baseball goes -- it's coming, and it's coming real soon. The way things are handled around here, you can sense it."

Entering Thursday's action against Pittsburgh, LaRoche was leading the team in almost every offensive category, including home runs and RBIs.

After missing most of last season because of a shoulder injury, LaRoche is healthy and feeling strong, and has put the club's offseason pursuit of Prince Fielder in the distant past.

"Deep down, as a competitor, I wanted to come back and prove that I can come back from surgery and do what I know I'm capable of doing," said LaRoche. "To come out and do it is nice reassurance."