Moyer becomes oldest player to drive in run

Moyer becomes oldest player to drive in run

Moyer becomes oldest player to drive in run
DENVER -- Rockies pitcher Jamie Moyer erased an old teammate from the record books on Wednesday night.

By driving in two runs in a 6-1 victory over the D-backs, Moyer became the oldest player ever to drive in a run. At 49 and 180 days he broke the record of Julio Franco, a longtime big leaguer who was 155 days younger when he knocked in the last of his 1,194 RBIs.

Moyer got a kick out of learning he broke the record of Franco, a teammate of his with the Rangers in 1989.

"I'm not in this game to be breaking offensive records," Moyer said with a smile. "If you're around this long enough, things are going to happen like that."

The occasion gave Moyer a chance to recall Franco, who hit for both average and power.

"He covered the plate well, at times he used a really big bat, and he really understood himself, and he understood the strike zone," Moyer said. "Look at the good hitters, the guys that hit for average or drive in high runs year after year, they have a really good idea of what they're hitting and what they're facing on the mound on a given day.

"A lot of that comes with experience. You see a lot of people come into this game with a lot of talent, but those who are able to fine-tune create consistency throughout their careers. He had a long career."