Ventura ready for criticism

Ventura ready for criticism

ANAHEIM -- Robin Ventura's decision to keep starting pitcher Jake Peavy in the game during the sixth inning of the White Sox loss to Detroit on Tuesday drew some criticism from fans and media.

"I knew that was coming with this job," Ventura said before Wednesday's game against the Angels. "If everybody likes you, it's just that the players are playing well."

He pointed out that he learned very well what to expect when he was a TV announcer for ESPN.

"I get what people say about the intricacies of when you're making moves, that it's easier to see it on the other side," Ventura said. "I did TV, too. It's very easy to do it there."

Ventura also noted one thing he's learned is that sometimes the bigger picture of the full season can get lost in the day-to-day shuffle of fans seeking results right now.

"The way he's been pitching, if you take him out and you lose that, people can go on the other side of that," Ventura said. "It's always easier to see it once everything else has happened and the game is over."