Third to first

Third to first

• Robin Ventura was asked Tuesday to give himself a managerial grade through the first 36 games of the season. In staying true to his team-oriented leadership, the White Sox manager declined.

"I'm not going to sit back and assess what I'm doing," Ventura said. "It's about coming here every day and doing the right thing. I'm not going to give myself a grade. I have bosses that will do that. If it's not going well, I won't be here.

"There are things you go through, but the most important part is the staff you have, how you interact. The questions, going back and forth, the ideas of how things can work better. What works, what didn't work. That's the part that until you're in this position you don't understand getting better at it."

• Ventura smiled but would not bite when asked for his assessment of Wrigley Field.

"I'm not going there," said Ventura, drawing much laughter. "It's fine. It is an old stadium, but it's a fun stadium to play in. I enjoy playing there. The amenities aren't great, but we are just playing baseball."

• The White Sox have not won a series since April 20-22 in Seattle, going 0-5-2 in their last seven, following Tuesday's 10-8 loss to Detroit.

#149; White Sox pitchers have an 8.70 ERA over the last four games.

• Former big league pitcher Jim Abbott threw out one of Tuesday's ceremonial first pitches to Ventura.