Yanks sport pink for breast-cancer awareness

Yanks sport pink for breast-cancer awareness

Yanks sport pink for breast-cancer awareness
NEW YORK -- They only regret that they can't wear pink more often.

Several Yankees swung pink bats in support of breast-cancer awareness on Mother's Day, and two players -- Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher -- said they were thrilled to be a part of the endeavor. Both Granderson and Swisher, in fact, said they wished they could wear pink batting gloves.

"I definitely love it," said Granderson. "I wish we could wear everything, but there's a couple stipulations why we can't wear certain things. But the guys definitely showed their support for a great cause."

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Both teams wore pink ribbons on their uniforms Sunday, and several players wore pink wristbands to recognize the holiday. Granderson said he would've been thrilled to wear a pink helmet and pink cleats in addition to the ribbon, but he had to find another way to get in style.

"There's certain [manufacturers] that are allowed and certain ones that aren't," he said. "Guys try to modify the way they can. Today, I was able to put in pink shoelaces, but I couldn't wear pink shoes."

Swisher concurred with Granderson, but he said the most important thing is that the players -- and the league itself -- are doing something to acknowledge people who can never get enough credit.

"I think it's one of the greatest things ever. For all the moms out there, they deserve it," said Swisher. "I think mothers are instrumental in so many people's lives, and for us to go and give them this day is special. It is their day, and for us to acknowledge it is great."