More work is better for Camp

More work is better for Camp

More work is better for Camp
MILWAUKEE -- Shawn Camp hasn't pitched in every Cubs game. It just seems that way.

"I'm a sinkerball pitcher and I'm not like a power pitcher," Camp said. "I don't want to say my arm never gets tired. But I feel sometimes, when you're a sinkerball pitcher, the more tired and fatigued you get, the less effort you put into pitches and your sinker gets a little better at times."

He is diligent about following a pregame workout routine that he developed and adjusted with the help of Cubs strength coach Tim Buss.

"You just have to take care of your body, take care of yourself," he said. "Anything I can do to help the team, it's important to me."

Camp said he pitched in seven straight games in 2006 with the Rays, and took more time off than usual after the season ended. But when he reported to Spring Training the next year, he didn't feel right. That's why he's stuck to the extra work. Maybe more is better?

He has told Cubs bullpen coach Lester Strode to keep an eye on him.

"I told [Strode] about a week ago, 'Hey man, if I'm starting to throw too much and you feel I am, just step in front of me, and I won't take offense,'" Camp said.

Has Strode had to do that?

"Once or twice," Camp said, smiling.