Valentine won't commit to Interleague plan

Valentine won't commit to Interleague plan

Valentine won't commit to Interleague plan
BOSTON -- Manager Bobby Valentine was noncommittal on Saturday about a reprise in the outfield for first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.

Interleague play for the Red Sox begins in six days, when they travel to Philadelphia for a three-game series. To keep David Ortiz's bat in the lineup in a National League park, he'd presumably have to play first base, with Gonzalez moving to right field.

"We'll see as it goes," Valentine said. "Adrian has said that the outfield is an option with him. We'll just decide how that's presenting itself."

Both players made two starts at their less-familiar positions last season.

Red Sox pitchers, meanwhile, have started to work with hitting coach Dave Magadan in preparation for their plate appearances.

"They've been hitting in the cage, and Dave has a program for them to take their swings, getting ready for a little Philadelphia action," Valentine said. "They have a whole session of bunting, and from what I gather, we have some guys who not only like to swing but can swing. There's nothing wrong with getting a hit if they go up there."

Boston went 10-8 in Interleague Play in 2011. Red Sox pitchers went 1-for-21 at the plate, which is one more hit than the Royals, Yankees and A's pitchers had. Orioles arms led the American League with a 9-for-22 performance.

Interleague Play always brings out varying opinions, and Valentine on Saturday said that he might alter the DH implementation if he could.

"The only way I thought that there should be an adjustment is to flip-flop it and have the DH in the National League city and the pitcher hit in the American League city, just for the fans, so that the fans of the different cities could see the different play. But I don't know how you really adjust it. I'm not smart enough for that stuff."