Axford has very eventful evening

Axford has very eventful evening

Axford has very eventful evening
MILWAUKEE -- John Axford's consecutive saves streak ended Friday night. Shortly after, he was headed to the hospital with his wife, who had gone into labor.

Axford left before the Brewers' 13-inning, 8-7 victory had concluded, but not before leaving a quick, hand-written note for the media. The note read:

"I put my wife into contractions with my performance tonight! So I had to run to the hospital. The streak is over so now you can talk about it. The luck I've had in the past didn't show up tonight! All I can do is begin another streak and keep my head up! Cliché ... Cliché ... Another cliché. Gotta go! Love, Ax."

The note was the perfect example of Axford's personality. Even when something far more important was weighing on his mind, the Brewers closer left a note to the Milwaukee media to explain the situation.

The good news for Axford on Saturday morning was that his wife's contractions were stopped. She was due in June, and had gone into labor early, and now will remain in the hospital a few days, and take it easy for a bit.

Axford was expected to be with the club for Saturday's game.

"He'll be coming today," Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said. "I told him 'Don't worry about when you show up. Just come and be ready for the late innings.' And we'll see how it goes."

As for Axford's streak, it ended after he had converted 49 consecutive saves, ranking fourth-best in Major League history.

With it having ended more than a year after it began on April 24, 2011, it really put into perspective how impressive the streak was for Axford. Roenicke compared it to Francisco Rodriguez's 62-save season in 2008 with the Angels.

"As good as Frankie was the year that he set the saves record, he still blew [seven] that year," Roenicke said. "With the way that teams can swing the bats now, it's incredible."