Beltre shows speed with sore hamstring

Beltre shows speed with sore hamstring

Beltre shows speed with sore hamstring
ARLINGTON -- Adrian Beltre, still dealing with a sore left hamstring, beat out an infield hit in the first inning on Friday night. There was some debate on Saturday morning if Beltre really "stretched out" the hamstring in trying to beat out the hit.

"He smelled that hit and stretched it out," manager Ron Washington said. "That's what happens to baseball players when they smell a hit."

"I got there quickly on one leg," Beltre said. "But it was good enough to get there safely. I don't think I forced it enough to see how it is. I was trying to run fast enough under control."

Said Washington: "He was under control, but he found a third gear."

"I'm not going to force it for another week or so until I need to," Beltre said. "I don't want to get back to square one."

Beltre was back at designated hitter on Saturday as the Rangers don't want him in the field during the wet weather. Rangers Ballpark in Arlington was hit by more rain on Saturday morning, and the Rangers remain cautious with Beltre. Washington said there are no plans to shut him down completely.

Beltre is hitting .347 with four home runs and 13 RBIs in his last 14 games entering Saturday. The Rangers are 20-5 when Beltre has been in the lineup this season.

"His production is not what we're looking for, it's his presence," Washington said. "He makes everybody better and he's easier to deal with when he's playing. You realize what kind of void we have when he's not in the lineup."