Source: D-backs not buying on Bonds

Source: D-backs not buying on Bonds

WASHINGTON -- The D-backs will not be pursuing free agent slugger Barry Bonds, a source said Wednesday.

The club had internal discussions about signing Bonds, who remains unsigned after the Giants elected not to re-sign him following the 2007 season, as it had about several potential free agents and possible trade acquisitions, but decided to move forward.

When asked about Bonds on Tuesday, D-backs GM Josh Byrnes said, "He and maybe a couple of others are sort of sitting out there. I think it's a bit of assessing any players' readiness, then knocking somebody out of the lineup, dollars, etc. I don't want to talk about him specifically, but, believe me, we've considered a lot of options. There is sort of no one obvious option right now, but there are a lot of considerations."

That comment, however innocuous, spread quickly and the D-backs were perceived to be serious suitors for the all-time home run leader when, in fact, they had only had a few internal discussions, according to the source.

Byrnes explained why he did not flat out deny any interest in Bonds.

"I don't know at any time I've commented directly on the pursuit of a player," he said on Wednesday. "So I don't know why I'd start now."

Bonds aside, Byrnes continues to work the phones to try and get some help for his team before the trade deadline. While the team has struggled offensively, Byrnes didn't rule out also seeking a pitcher.

"There's sort of a fine line between patience and stubbornness," Byrnes said. "But if we're going to do something to improve our offense, it's sort of [a question of] whose at-bats are we replacing, and what is that saying about an offense that at the end of last year, beginning of this year, looked like it was sort of taking a step forward? It's not as simple as the last couple of months, although the last couple of months we haven't swung the bats very well. Certainly sticking with guys who have shown it, and are young enough to start showing progress, is a consideration."

Bonds, though, reportedly is not.

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