Kasten holds first team meeting

Kasten holds first team meeting

Kasten holds first team meeting
LOS ANGELES -- Dodgers president and CEO Stan Kasten on Friday held his first team meeting since taking charge and assured players what he announced at the May 2 introductory press conference: New ownership is committed to "building a first-class organization."

When players returned from the recent trip to Denver and Chicago, they found that the wives and family room had been renovated. When players showed up in the clubhouse on Friday, they found a pair of autographed Magic Johnson Lakers jerseys in their lockers.

Kasten told players that ownership will make acquisitions to improve the club and is considering a renovation of the clubhouse along with other updates to Dodger Stadium.

"And I told them that what I needed from them was to reach out to the fans and community," said Kasten.

"We're going to ask more of them in personal appearances and philanthropy. I told them, 'You know how excited you are to get Magic's jersey? That's how everyone feels when you give them your autograph.' I think they're all-in. I hope so."

Kasten said the upgraded family room was something he could do in a week. Other changes will take time, but he believes he made a statement.

"They all loved it," he said. "We'll look at everything -- the clubhouse, all the facilities. We'll always do what we can to bring in the best players, but that's sensitive, because it means some guys are going to leave."