Despite slump, Weeks to remain in lineup

Despite slump, Weeks to remain in lineup

Despite slump, Weeks to remain in lineup
MILWAUKEE -- Even as his season-opening slump continues, don't expect to see Rickie Weeks come out of the Brewers' lineup anytime soon.

A lot of players hitting the way Weeks has been -- with a .164 average on the season and hitless in his last 13 at-bats -- would get a day off for a break that's as much mental as physical. But Weeks is not that type of player.

"We need Rickie to hit," Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said. "So whatever way I can get him to start swinging like he did last year and the years before that. But he's not going to do it when he's sitting on the bench.

"Rickie's mindset is, when he's on the bench, it could be the day that he could get it going. And he really doesn't want to take that chance on maybe that being the one day. So he's going to be in there until he tells me otherwise."

Entering Friday's game, Weeks had just an .083 average over his last 10 games, with just three hits in 36 at-bats.

The biggest positive is that his approach has kept his on-base percentage well above the low batting average. With nine walks, Weeks has a .267 on-base over the last 10 games, nearly 200 points higher than his average during that time.

That approach, along with Weeks' personality and mentality lead Roenicke to believe the club is better off with its starting second baseman in the lineup than on the bench.

"Sure he's going to press like everybody does; he's going to go out there and try a little harder," Roenicke said. "But he doesn't need -- at least right now -- to sit here on the bench and watch nine innings. ... He doesn't get worn out mentally."