Reddick sharing his love of wrestling with fans

Reddick sharing his love of wrestling with fans

Reddick sharing his love of wrestling with fans
OAKLAND -- The bleacher bums are in for a new, non-greasy treat, courtesy of Josh Reddick.

Forget "Bacon Tuesday," the outfielder says, and celebrate "Title Thursday."

"This is me starting my own thing since Kansas City right fielder Jeff Francoeur came and took my fans for one day," Reddick said, smiling.

Last year, Francoeur tossed a ball wrapped in a $100 bill into the right-field bleacher seats, instructing fans to use it to buy bacon or beer. So when the Royals outfielder returned in April, fans sported "Bacon Tuesday" shirts, with a large piece of paper bacon hanging from the railing.

Charming, no doubt, but it also made Reddick a little jealous. So now he's inviting fans to share with him a weekly celebration of his love for wrestling. Reddick got the word out on Twitter, and he said Thursday that fans have been responsive to the idea.

"It just came to me," Reddick said. "I realized they were cheering for the opposing right fielder, and it got under my skin a little bit. The fans are saying they're excited for it. They've got their wrestling belts and probably a few more signs that say, 'Title Thursday.' We'll see how it turns out, even though I'm playing in center tonight."

With Yoenis Cespedes sidelined with a hand injury, Reddick was in center, but he's expected to return to his normal position within days, and he's especially looking forward to running out there in Kansas City come June 1.

"I think I'll do it in Kansas City, too, since [Francoeur] did it to me," Reddick said. "I let him know. I texted him a week after it happened and told him, 'I'm going to take over your fans for one night,' and he said, 'Go for it.'"

Though Thursday's announced attendance was not expected to amount to much more than 10,000 and the average attendance on the year at the Coliseum is only around 15,000, Reddick has taken a liking to the hardcore fans always stationed behind him.

"They seem to be the most vocal ones in the whole stands," he said. "They're there every game, even the 12:40 p.m. [PT] games on a Wednesday afternoon. Either they've got a really nice boss or don't even care what he thinks and just play hooky."