Crawford working hard to get back

Crawford working hard to get back

Crawford working hard to get back
BOSTON -- Two weeks after being diagnosed with a sprained UCL in his left elbow, Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford is eager to start taking the next step in his rehab.

"I'm trying to do exercises with it right now and just waiting to get clearance from the doctors, basically," said Crawford. "The pain from the shot has gone away, so now we're going to another transition where we can start some exercises with it. I still haven't been able to throw yet. I'm still a couple of weeks from throwing. That's pretty much where we're at."

Could Crawford actually start throwing in a couple of weeks?

"I want to say [that], but I'm not sure," Crawford said. "In an ideal situation, yes. But I can't honestly tell you exactly when."

The left fielder, who was recovering from left wrist surgery before the elbow injury was diagnosed, thinks he will start hitting before throwing.

"Wrist is doing fine, knock on wood, because I don't want to have any more setbacks from that, but my wrist is actually doing good," Crawford said.

The question is this: How quickly can Crawford return to action once he is cleared to start throwing?

"I'm not sure, actually. I hope it's fast," Crawford said. "I really don't know. I'm kind of going on the doctors, whatever program they make for me, I'm just going to follow that and let them know how I feel after. I hope it's quick."