Brewers measure offense by 'team production'

Brewers measure offense by 'team production'

Brewers measure offense by 'team production'
MILWAUKEE -- The Brewers' offense is not clicking the way it has in recent seasons, at least according to the traditional measures. But the team's coaches have other ways of tracking production, including one they track called "team productive at-bats."

Hitting coach Johnny Narron said that a player can earn such an at-bat through five categories:

• Any type of hit.

• Any type of "free pass," including a walk, hit-by-pitch or catchers' interference.

• A sacrifice bunt or sacrifice fly.

• Advancing a lead runner by putting a ball in play for an out or an error.

• Any plate appearance of eight pitches or more.

Example: On Tuesday night, Nyjer Morgan and Rickie Weeks each made outs against Reds starter Homer Bailey in the first inning, but in the process, they worked the right-hander for 17 total pitches. The Brewers wound up scoring a pair of runs while Bailey labored through a 42-pitch frame.

"When you wear a pitcher down like that, then he gets in trouble, and it starts getting in his mind," Narron said.

Said manager Ron Roenicke: "It's a way to get the players to understand that an 0-for-4 is not just an 0-for-4 and you don't help your team. Two of those at-bats can help your team win. It's another way to get some positive thought into what you're doing at the plate."