Marlins trying to get Bell back to his old self

Marlins trying to get Bell back to his old self

Marlins trying to get Bell back to his old self
HOUSTON -- Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen still prefers to have veteran right-hander Heath Bell as his closer. Getting him back to that role is the task at hand.

With the Marlins up four late on Sunday, Guillen said he was thinking of using Bell in the ninth to give him some work in a non-pressure situation. But the Padres scored a run in the eighth, and Edward Mujica came on in the ninth for the save.

"He's throwing the ball good," Guillen said. "I'm going to try to fit a spot for him. I don't mind putting him in there tonight. He might do it.

"I'm the type of manager ... I'm not going to punish someone when they're on the ground. I want to give him an opportunity and see what happens. But right now, [Steve] Cishek is fine. I'm going to use him for a couple of days."

Guillen said he wants to see Bell throw some innings besides the ninth.

"Maybe the sixth or seventh and get him back to his comfort zone," Guillen said. "And then back to his job. We're a good ballclub; we're a better ballclub if Bell is our closer. That's no doubt. And we need him to be the closer."

But Guillen added that he feels like Cishek has what it takes to be a closer, as well.

"He's got the mentality," Guillen said. "He's got good stuff. He throws strikes. He's got everything going for him right now. Is he going to be my closer this year? I hope not, because that means that Bell is not pitching that well."