Bullpen catcher thankful for save

Bullpen catcher thankful for save

ST> PETERSBURG -- Rays bullpen catcher Scott Cursi was grateful Sunday morning, a day after R.J. Boggs, the Rays ballboy in the bullpen, snagged a line drive headed in his direction.

"Yeah, that was a close one," said Cursi, who is in his 14th season as the Rays bullpen catcher. "I kind of sensed it coming towards me, but [Boggs] was there to save me."

In the fourth inning, Cliff Pennington rifled a line drive into foul territory. Cursi was catching for J.P. Howell in the bullpen and the left-handed Boggs, who stands near Cursi as protection for such occurrences, dove to his left to backhand the ball with his glove.

"It was all reaction," said Boggs, 19, who actually has more experience playing hockey than baseball. "I'm used to that type of play in hockey, so it just happened."

Boggs, who is in his first year with the Rays as ballboy, played Little League baseball as a pitcher for seven years, but his main focus has been as a hockey goalie.

After finishing a high school career with the hockey team comprised of players from Sickles and Gaither High School, Boggs has continued working on his craft in camps, most recently in Maine with the Portland Junior Pirates club team.